We hold Monzingen's vineyards in high esteem and have invested much time and effort over the last 40 years here in our village into maintaining and, above all, recultivating steep and once highly regarded vineyard plots, for which we now have much reason to be thankful.

We humans are an essential component of terroir. It is up to us to nurture both soil and vine. We are very careful to ensure that these two elements are healthy and in mutual balance - that is, most importantly, that the yield of the vines is in harmony with the water and nutrients available in the soil. We tend assiduously to each individual vine by hand. In doing so, we can control yields and ensure that the foliage on each vine is always well aerated. This allows the grapes to remain healthy for longer and to be picked late in the harvest at optimum ripeness. Only the minimum of nutrients are drawn from the soil. Except for the juice in the grapes, we ultimately return all the natural goodness back into the vineyard where it belongs. We generally fertilise with good-quality, home-made compost where necessary.



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