There are millions of well-made but unremarkable wines the world over. On the other hand, a great many "show wines" are also produced around the globe - wines that often excite at first sip but are rarely pleasurable to drink over a second glass. We aspire to neither of these types of wine. Our philosophy is different. We are committed to three basic fundamentals:


1. fundamental

Schönleber wines offer true drinking pleasure.

2. fundamental

Schönleber wines are honest, authentic, unembellished expressions of their origin.

3. fundamental

Schönleber single-vineyard wines always have distinctive personalities. We don't just want to produce "good" wine.


These three essentials instruct us - we the Schönleber family and our entire team - in everything we do. They are central to all the work we do in the vineyard - from planting the vines onwards. Each work process that we undertake is carefully thought out.

This approach holds true in the cellar, where our philosophy affords the necessary scope for our wines to develop naturally. In terms of the process from grape to wine, every cask or tank is different.

From the flowering of the vine to bottling in the cellar, each wine has a unique story to tell - and each has a unique personality. And that is how it should be.




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